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Globalism and Social Policy Programme (GASPP)

Full name and acronym: Globalism and Social Policy Programme (GASPP)

Founding date: 1997

Objectives: GASPP is an international research and policy advocacy network focussed on(a) the impact of globalisation uponnational social policy and social development and (b) onsupranational mechanisms of social redistribution, regulation and rights. It is also concerned to articulate and theorise a progressive alternative to neo-liberal globalisation. It is currently based upon four centres in UK, Finland, Canada and India and welcomes new partners.

Main projects in globalisation studies: Global Social Policy and Global Social Governance Reform; Trade and Health Policy: The global market in health and welfare; Ethnography of AID: INGOs and social policy/social development; Role of International Consulting Companies; The Social Dimension of Regionalism: Regional Social Policy; Global Public-Private Partnerships. Projected: UNRISD-GASPP 2005-2010 collaboration on global social policy research and policy dialogue

Outputs: books, Journal: Global Social Policy, Policy Briefs, Occasional Papers, Annual international seminar, Global Social Policy Digest on web site (, Conference presentations and advisory work for INGOs and IOs

Staff numbers: 7 plus global network of collaborators

Director: Bob Deacon. Professor of International Social Policy, University of Sheffield, UK

Funding: STAKES: Core funding (Finnish National Research Centre for Health and Social Welfare), University of Sheffield, UKDFID, Finnish Foreign Ministry, Research Grants.

Street Address: GASPP/Sheffield, Sociological Studies
University of Sheffield
Sheffield, S102TU

tel: ++44 1142226407

fax: ++44 11427618125



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